Sri Padaya – Adams Peak in Sri Lanka


The mountain of Sri padaya (Adams Peak) is one in every one of the rare places. In that place, folks of 4 major religions within the world worship. And, the mountain is in the Rathnapura district with a height of 7,360 feet (2.243328 kilometers).

Although this is often solely the second-highest mountains, It rises alone majestically with (a cone-shaped) shape associate degreed offers an open read over land and ocean. It’s aforesaid that the hill was the landmark of the traditional sea-faring Arabs. And, the ed Nations agency came to the country, to interchange gems, spices, ivory, etc. And they, having sighted the conelike mountain miles offshore, prayed to God for having brought them safely to the island.

Buddha left his footprint in Sri Padaya

According to Sri Lanka’s excellent chronicle, Mahawamsa, Buddha visited the country three times. The last time he traveled from Kelaniya to sripadaya (Adams Peak), so to Digavaphi. It’s aforesaid that Buddha left his footprint on the rock. In the high of the mountain at the invite of the supernatural being zaman (Saman Deviyo).

Deity zaman recorded as having met Siddhartha on his 1st visit to the island once he visited Mahiyangana to displace the Tribe of Yakkas. Zaman became a stream-entrant (sotapanna) when being attentive to Siddhartha. Supernatural being zaman then requested an object of worship, and Buddha gave him a couple of hairs with that he enshrined on a database at Mahiyangana


The Theravada Buddhists of the country later created supernatural being zaman the guardian of their land and their faith. With the increase of Mahayana, zaman developed into Samantabhadra, one in every one of the four principal bodhisattvas of Mahayana. Like his later manifestation, Samanta typically delineated topped and jeweled. And, holding a lotus in his manus and the middle of a white elephant. At Weligama, associate degree ancient port on Sri Lanka’s south coast.

Also, There’s a twelve-foot-high sculpture that some believe is that the figure of Samantabhadra sculptured out of an enormous moss-covered boulder. This sculpture calls as Kushtarajagala. It’s thought that this immortal figure greeted the Pilgrims from the Asian nation and northern country disembarking at Weligama as they started on the long trek to Sri padaya (Adams Peak)

. The summit of the mountain may be a tiny highland and in step with measurements created by Lieut. Also, Malcolm (the 1st European to ascend the hill in 1816),” it’s seventy-four-foot long and twenty-four feet. In breadth,” the whole space is one,776 sq. Ft. On the highest of the height, broad steps initiate to a walled enclosure containing the rock over that may be a tower-like structure.

The imprint of the Buddha’s right foot in Sri Padaya

A similar print in Thailand is believed to own the mark of the Buddha’s right foot, which is concerning 5 feet long and 2 feet broad. The significant footprint on Adam’s Peak believed to set in jewels at a lower place, the visible rock.

The soles of the Buddha’s feet are aforesaid to be flat with all the toes of equal length. On every sole, there are 108 auspicious marks (Mangala lakkhana), with the wheel (chakra). The principal mark at the center whereas around it is sorted figures of animals, inhabitants of different worlds and different kinds of symbols.

Buddhists knew that Siddhartha Gautama had created this mysterious footprint. That is a long before (In the first century BC) the other faith was introduced to the country. However, in succeeding centuries, different religions, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity were to get the claim to that. Muslims believe the footprint to be that of Adam (hence the name Adam’s Peak); Christians, that of St. Thomas, the follower Jesus; and Hindus, that of the God of the Hindu deity. The Tamil name of the Civan-Oli-data (the mountain path of Siva’s light) or Svargarohanam (assent to heaven).

Worshipping the grate Sri Patiala

The first historical mention concerning Sri padaya (Adams Peak) comes throughout the reign of King Vijayabahu (1055-1110). The earliest historical proof in chronicles and inscriptions.the king had seen the difficulties undergone by the pilgrims on their thanks to worshipping. The grate Sri Pathula (Buddha’s Foot Print) on Samanthakuta dedicated the village named ‘Gilimale’ to produce for his or her wants.

Also, Stone inscriptions of Vijayabahu found at Gilimale and Ambagamuwa, confirming the statement of the chronicle. However, it was King Nishshaanka Malla ( 1187-1196) United Nations agency reigned from Poona. He started the pilgrim’s journey when he ascended the mountain together with his fourfold army with great religion and devotion.

Sripadaya (Adams Peak) Season

Sripadaya (Adams Peak) sunrice

The Sripada (Adams Peak) season starts from the phase of the moon of Dec and endways full moon of Gregorian calendar month. Usually, it takes concerning 5 to 6 hours to climb to the highest. Throughout this season, several retailers appear on the thanks to the mountain high giving all varieties of food and refreshments. Also, There are care centers operating by volunteers in the manner.

Sripadaya (Adams Peak) sunrise

Most of the people build the climb by night to achieve the mountain high to look at the “Ira Sevaya,” the sun rises over the ocean in this place. However, now often quite packed. Especially throughout the weekend and towards the tip of the season. It is not rare where we have got to pay 5-10 minutes standing on one step till the crowd moves on. The highest mountain of the mountain is windy and chilly.

There are two historical approaches to the summit of Sri Pada. The oldest is that the Ratnapura path (climb begins from Erathna). Also, It is popularly referring to the steep trail. This path is more hard with the leaches, and really few peoples use this path. This river calls ‘Seetagangula’ (the icy water river). And, the starting point of Kaluganga will meet halfway upon the climb. This route is unquestionably the trail to require for an intimate with traveler United Nations agency desires to avoid crowds.

rathnapura to sripadaya
Ratnapura path

Lastly, Adams peak is,

The other path is that the Hatton path. And it is (climb begins from Nallatanniya) is referring as the ‘Raja Mawatha’. In times of yore, as a result of several kings have used this path to achieve the mountain high. This path is the foremost common path makes by the typical pilgrim. There are resting places with tiny boutiques each few hundred steps throughout the season. There are many ways that to induce to Hatton. You’ll be able to take a bus or a train from Colombo. Alo, Once at Hatton, takes one in every of the various non-public buses to the foot of the mountain. It is a distance of concerning thirty-three kilometers. After you visit Sri Pada

leave a comment down there, safe travel.

TIP- Please do not leave any garbage in Sri Pada (Adams Peak) mountain

Sripadaya (Adams Peak)
Sripadaya (Adams Peak)
Sripadaya (Adams Peak)
Sripadaya (Adams Peak)

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