The second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka – Diyaluma falls


Diyaluma falls is the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and 361st Highest waterfall in the world. It is 220 meters high and 720 feet high. It is situated 5KM away from koslanda in Badulla district. The second highest waterfall formed by punagala Oya, a tributary of the kuda oya. If you are the day traveler, Diyaluma falls is one of the best places to visit. See the world it is more fantastic than any dream. Diyaluma falls has two locations. They are upper Diyaluma and lower Diyaluma.

The most popular tourist attraction place is the upper diyaluma falls. The most striking feature of this waterfall is its natural pools. Upper diyaluma falls has different levels and natural pools on the top. Water coming down with great force on the rocks is amazing to experience on foot but exploring the top is new, and you need to be a fit to reach this. It is a beautiful creation of nature.

How to get to Diyaluma falls?

  1. Matara – Hambantota – Thanamalvila – Wellawaya – Koslanda Road – Diyaluma
  2. Badulla – Ella – Wellawaya – Koslanda Road – Diyaluma
  3. Colombo – Rathnapura – Balangoda – Beragala – Koslanda – Diyaluma

 you can reach Diyaluma falls by those routes,

If you are using 1 or 2 roads enter to Wellawaya. Come 13km towards koslanda by bus or tuk-tuk to visit diyaluma falls.

wellawaya to diyaluma map
03.. wellawaya to diyaluma falls

if you are using 3rd way you can reach koslanda and come 5km towards well away by bus or tuk-tuk to visit diyaluma falls.

koslanda to diyaluma map
04.. koslanda to diyaluma falls

This is for the people who have the heart to travel to this world. So, get ready to be inspired.this is all about lovely diyaluma falls. If you are looking get to the upper diyaluma. It usually takes about an hour to reach the old road to diyaluma falls. The new way can be reached in 30 minutes. If you are want to get, upper diyaluma I recommended the new road. Using that road will save you time and effort. If you are coming from a vehicle you can find out more about the road ahead of the villagers.

  There are three water pools on the black stone at the top of the upper diyaluma. Those pools are connected. The water from the upper mountains passes through those three pools and collapses to the down, touching the clouds in the blue sky.

Summer-like weather, in Sri Lanka

  Due to the hot sun and boredom, we also didn’t forget to bathe. There are three small waterfalls in the upper part. There is nothing more beautiful than spending a night on this marvellous diyaluma falls. We have brought all the necessary items for that. You can et enough water from the upper diyaluma to spend the whole day easily. When we reached the top of the diyaluma waterfalls, it was a little late afternoon, and we stayed for the night. We prepared the food for dinner. Diyaluma falls camping is the best experience of my life. We had dinner and enjoyed the upper diyaluma camping .this is a rate adventure to stay one night here for our travel life.we are camping at the rock bottom near the upper diyaluma falls to double our fun.

After having dinner, we can watch the view of the around of diyaluma falls until midnight. We couldn’t sleep well at midnight because of the severe cold. But this is a wonderful feeling we Should get. Somehow I could see the beautiful sunrise and enjoying my friend’s cup of coffee in the morning. However, we packed up all the things we brought and headed down to the lower diyaluma falls after breakfast.


While climbing down the mountain, we didn’t forget to taste a glass of lemon juice from the Tamil uncle’s shop on the way. Although we used an easy route to reach the top of the diyaluma falls, we used a long-distance route to take out the beauty of the mountain ranges around us. We come down with no effort and hoping to come here another with full of joy. This is not the destination where you end up. But the mishaps and memories you create along the way.

I love nothing to more than exploring such amazing places.


  1. Please do not leave any garbage in the waterfall.
  2. When you spend the night near the waterfall, beware of increased water levels.
  3. Make you check the weather forecast a day before. (It’s not recommended to go here during the rainy season (Oct, Nov, Des) or on rainy days.

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