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Sri Lanka has many beautiful places because of those places Sri Lanka has attracted tourists towards Sri Lanka. Ella is also one of those places where tourists are mostly attracted.ella is situated in the Badulla district. Badulla is a very famous place among tourists as well because you can see lots of wonderful natural resources in Badulla and it is the right place for hikers as well

12 things to do in Ella

01.Kandy Badulla train ride

Kandy Badulla train ride
01. Kandy Badulla train ride
Kandy Badulla train ride
02. Kandy Badulla train ride

as I told you above, Badulla is full of natural wonders to enjoy nature’s beauty you should go to Badulla by is because trains path is through mountains and forests when you are going by train you can enjoy the surroundings. You better book your tickets sooner because all of the seats have been a book by tourists and locals.even the 3rd class seats are also getting reserved. So if you planned to visit Badulla by train, make sure to book the tickets at least before a week on the trip, then you will face no difficulties, and you will be able to book a ticket near a window seat without any trouble.

02. Enjoy at nine arch bridge

nine arch bridge
03. nine arch bridge
nine arch bridge
04. nine arch bridge

when you are planning to visit Badulla, the first place that comes to your mind that you should visit is the nine arch bridge. It is famous because it is an old bridge built by only using bricks, cement, rocks, and also because it is a very old one. There are beautiful locations to take photos in that area. There are tea plantations, a stream, and a tunnel you can enjoy and take beautiful pictures.

03. Cycle ride in Ella

Cycle ride in Ella
05. Cycle ride in Ella
Cycle ride in Ella
06. Cycle ride in Ella

Ella has a cold climate, imagine the feeling you can get when cycling in the cold and see the beauty that you are surrounded with. When cycling, you will be able to see small shops with different kinds of foods; you can get a chance to eat the foods that are endemic to Badulla. In hotels and restaurants, they also provide food that is endemic to different cultures and areas, but you cannot get the inherent flavours in it cant be taken from a hotel.

04. Enjoy the view from Little Adam’s peak

view from Little Adam's peak
07. view from Little Adam’s peak
view from Little Adam's peak
08. view from Little Adam’s peak
Little Adam's peak
09. Little Adam’s peak

climb to Little Adams peak, named after a similarly-shaped but taller older brother, Adams Peak, takes about two hours hike from Ella town and begins with fertile tea estates before slowly making its way to the first viewing point. From there, you will see 360-degree views of the giant Ella Rock and Ella Gap overlooking the Udawalawe National Park. I recommend hiking in the afternoon and watch the glorious sunset; advise against climbing during the day as there is little shade to hide from the bright sun.

05.Get your adrenaline kicks zip-lining at Ella

zip-lining at Ella Flying Ravana
10. zip-lining at Ella Flying Ravana
zip-lining at Ella Flying Ravana
11. zip-lining at Ella Flying Ravana

Flying Ravana is located near littles Adam’s peak. New to Ella’s fast-growing adventure scene, Flying Ravana stretches more than half a kilometre through the green hills of Ella. This zip-lining adventure, which reaches 80 kilometres per hour, is not for the faint of heart but is truly one of the fascinating things to do in Ella and Sri Lanka. The Zip-Line is Super Safe. Using the latest equipment, the staff are well-trained and follow an extensive safety procedure before you go.

06. Hike up the challenging Ella rock

14. ella rock
ella rock
15. ella rock
ella rock
16. ella rock

if you are a person who is always searching for spectacular views everywhere you go with pictures of Ella Rock Mountain, Ella, Little Adams Peak, and Ella Gap, this is one central place you won’t want to miss. The road to the summit can be a little complicated; however, if you follow the marked paths and ignore the intersections, you should not have too many problems. On top, it takes about 2 hours, but remember to pack enough water and snacks for your trip.

07. The rushing Ravana falls

ravana ella
17. ravana ella

 about 15 minutes from Ella, you have Ravana Falls. These are probably the most accessible waterfalls to reach this area and are located on the side of the main road you drive. You can walk up near the edge of the floating water. You can bath in there as well

08. Historical Ravana cave

 Ravana cave
18. Ravana cave
 Ravana cave
19. Ravana cave
Ravana cave
20. Ravana cave

when you are visiting Ravana falls, make sure to visit the Ravana cave as well, it is near the Ravana falls. To get there, you have to climb about 600 steps. However, the journey is worth it

09. Experience the beauty of Diyaluma falls

beauty of Diyaluma falls
21. Diyaluma waterfall is the 02nd largest waterfall in Sri Lanka

Diyaluma falls the second tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. You can get epic views from hiking to Diyaluma falls. And, in summer months, when the water level has dropped, you can enjoy a cold swim in the falls various natural pools, including right on the edge of the main waterfall. But take precautions before diving in.

10. Enjoy the view from Lipton’s seat.

 Lipton's seat
22. Lipton’s seat
Lipton's seat
23. Lipton’s seat

On a clear day, you can see as far as Udavalava National park and beyond to Hambanthota port. You can enjoy your view of fresh tea at Lipton’s seat.

11.Tour in Haputale Dambethenne tea factory

tea factory
24. tea factory

Sri Lanka is the best in the world due to its altitude of tea cultivation, and the shrubs cover 25% of Sri Lanka’s surface. This tour will take you through the whole tea production process with great details.

12. Party and chill in Ella town

Party and chill in Ella town
25. Party and chill in Ella town
Party and chill in Ella town
26. chill in Ella town

there are many good quality restaurants and pubs. So that after a long hike you can enjoy a good meal and relax. The main street will be filling with local markets and restaurants so you can buy something in need. If you want, you can dress like a village person and stay there. And, you can stay at a place that is made like a village house to get some new experience and enjoy it.

Ella is a great place to visit in Sri Lanka.get more experience and has terrific hikes in Ella. It will be an unforgettable memory in your life as I said to you above that there so many beautiful places in Sri Lanka. So I’ll be writing new places to travel to Sri Lanka to be sure to read them as well. Till then, travel safely and enjoy.

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