– Kanneliya Rain Forest –

Kanneliya Forest Reserve Experience the feeling of walking in a tropical rain forest . . . The KDN Forest Reserve (Kanneliya-Dediyagama-Nakiyadeniya) is the second largest primary forest area in Sri Lanka and is renowned for its watershed value. The forest occupies the area between two rivers – the Gin Ganga and the Nilwala Ganga. The natural vegetation of the KDN complex is lowland wet evergreen forest, which is a climax forest formation dominated by an association of Shorea, Dipterocarpus and Mesua. Over 17% of the wet zone flora is confined to this area where the KDN forest is the most prominent. This region has been identified as one of the floristically richest areas in South Asia. The endemic flora and fauna of the southwestern wet zone, including the KDN, forms a relic of the biota of the Indian Plate with Gondwanaic ancestry. Therefore, the biota of southwest Sri Lanka, including the KDN forest complex, is of considerable scientific interest with respect to biogeography. There is a high proportion of endemism amongst the identified woody plants, with 150 species being endemic to Sri Lanka.


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